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Learn to float and fly above the water aboard our Electric Hydrofoil boards.

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Explore the sensational experience and push your performances.

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The accessibility of the efoil, the battery technology, Modular, Owning an efoil board could not be easier.


About Us

Run by Ex-British SUP surf champion Matt Barker-Smith he believes this latest high adrenaline sport will enhance anyones understanding of what exhilaration really is!

I've noticed many changes to my outlook on the ocean, equipment and also my body’s limitations ...I'm sure you will let out a hoot! They're magical to use and a superb way to explore and discover our amazing coastline..

Matt Barker-SmithEx-British SUP surf champion

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The sensation is so addictive ...sometimes we all need a new endeavour

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Getting Started

eFoils work by propelling water backwards by use of a small battery operated electric motor. The magic starts to happen when speed increases to 10mph as the hydro-dynamically shaped wings create lift.


The Art of Flight

The foil board rider controls height and turning with weight shifts, upper body movements and balance through their riding stance. As such foil-boarding uses the same terminology as that used in the aviation industry.


What can I expect from my first session?

e-Foiling lessons are such a great way to experience the floating/cruising/flying feeling that is foiling, with the speed and power control literally at the tip of your fingers.


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The sensation is so addictive, sometimes we all need a new endeavour